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The Ceramics of Tanti Hill

Tanti Hill's passion for art has been from an early age. Born in Greece, she was always surrounded by the Arts, paintings, statues, and pottery.

Speaking about herself she says, "My love for clay comes from my love for Nature. Clay allows me to be creative and express my feelings and emotions. I like to produce work that inspires others, the way Nature inspires me." The decorative shapes of her Raku and Pit-fired pottery reflect her personality and positive outlook on life.

Tanti Hill studied pottery at the Community College of Clark County, Nevada, with Gary Marx and Susan Filley. She has taken numerous workshops from nationally known teachers all over the country, and has participated in many art shows and exhibitions

"Porcelain Bowl"

©Hill 1997 All rights reserved

"Raku Platter with Juniper"

©Hill 1997 All rights reserved

"Porcelain Flowers"

©Hill 1997 All rights reserved

"Raku Bowl / Gloss"

©Hill 1997 All rights reserved

RAKU is the ancient Japanese method of firing pottery. It was associated with simple bowls and pots used in Japanese tea ceremonies.

Prior to the Raku process, the pieces are fired once, allowed to cool, and then the glaze is applied. RAKU involves a rapid firing of pieces to about 1800° F, and then immediately removing the pieces hot from the kiln and placing them in a container with leaves, paper, sawdust, or other combustible material. This process exposes the pieces to smoke and reduced oxygen. The pieces are left in the container for 15 to 30 minutes depending on the glaze applied and the size of the pot.

RAKU firing produces unpredictable results. No two pieces will come out the same, even if the same glaze is used on both.

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March 6, 1997