International Casino Law
A new edition of the standard reference
for international gaming will be available soon.
International Casino Law
Carl Braunlich
Anthony Cabot
William Thompson
Andrew Tottenham
The Institute for the Study of Gambling
and Commercial Gaming
University of Nevada, Reno
The 3rd edition of International Casino Law has been completed revised and updated to include a description of all active casino gaming jurisdictions throughout the world, including the high seas and the Internet. Over 60 leading gaming authorities have contributed their expertise in developing a resource with facts that are available nowhere else. Each chapter covers the history, accounting, licensing, operational requirements, government, taxes, and other information for each country, along with contact information for gaming commissions and trade associations. This latest edition includes many new chapters for jurisdictions that have recently approved casino gaming within the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

Each major chapter covers the following subjects for that locality:

  • History
  • Accounting
  • Licensing
  • Operational Requirements
  • Government
  • Taxes
  • Gaming Commissions
  • Trade Associations
  • Gaming Debts
  • Games
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Economy
  • Gaming Crimes



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