New Edition of Nevada Gaming Law Now Available
Nevada Gaming Law...The Authoritative Guide to Nevada Gaming Law

Lionel Sawyer & Collins is pleased to present the second edition of its highly acclaimed Nevada Gaming Law. Published by the firm's Gaming Law Department, this second edition contains valuable new information relating to public policy issues and the gaming industry.

Nevada Gaming Law is a comprehensive resource that fully explains and reviews Nevada's historic and precedent-setting gaming laws. Designed to educate the casino executive as to how to avoid regulatory pitfalls, it also provides those interested in entering Nevada gaming with a road map through what is the most thorough and complex gaming regulatory system in the world.

Now recognized as a legal specialty, gaming law has become increasingly important to the legal profession as the gaming industry continues to rapidly proliferate throughout the world. The law firm of Lionel Sawyer & Collins has played a significant role in shaping the course and evolution of gaming law as we know it today.

"Shocked" Table of Contents

Topics Covered

The Authors
  • Overview of regulatory agencies
  • Licensing
  • Corporations, partnerships and trusts
  • Gaming employees
  • Labor unions
  • Race books and sports pools
  • Gaming devices
  • Foreign gaming
  • Practice before the gaming regulatory agencies
  • Gaming contracts, debts and disputes
  • Exclusion of persons
  • General casino operations
  • Disciplinary action
  • Accounting
  • Gaming taxes and fees
  • Lotteries and gaming
  • Gaming crimes
  • A history of gaming and regulatory control in Nevada

About the Authors

As Nevada's largest law firm, Lionel Sawyer & Collins has emerged as a world leader in gaming law.

This close involvement in gaming law was established by Grant Sawyer, under whose leadership as Governor of Nevada from 1959 through 1966 the state's gaming control system was totally restructured. The editor and a major contributor to Nevada Gaming Law is partner Anthony N. Cabot. He is the immediate past president of the Nevada Gaming Attorneys Association and was the principal author of the firm's Nevada Gaming License Guide. Mr. Cabot was also the co-editor of the 500 page book International Casino Law, now in its second edition.

The firm's 15-member Gaming Law Department is directed by Grant Sawyer. Former Assistant to President Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert D. Faiss, is chairman of the department. Faiss is past chairman of the Gaming Law Committee, General Practice Section, American Bar Association; and past president and a founding trustee of the International Association of gaming Attorneys.

Lionel Sawyer & Collins
A Premier Firm In Gaming Law

With 70 attorneys in its Las Vegas and Reno offices, the firm of Lionel Sawyer & Collins is the largest law firm in Nevada. The firm offers its clients a full range of legal services, including gaming, administrative, litigation, commercial, environmental, bankruptcy, banking, and corporate law. Founded in 1967 by Samuel S. Lionel and Grant Sawyer, the firm has been in the forefront at the development of Nevada gaming law since its inception.

Important Firsts
The firm has also been responsible for a number of important developments in gaming licensing.

These include:

  • First approval of a public limited partnership for involvement in the Nevada gaming industry
  • First approval for a Nevada licensee, under the state's "foreign gaming" statute, to become involved in gaming in another U.S. state
  • First approval for a Nevada licensee to become involved in casino gaming in another country
  • First approval of a citizen of another country to own and operate a Nevada casino
  • First approval of a non-U.S. public corporation to own and operate a Nevada casino
  • First approval of an off-track pari-mutuel system
  • First approval of a casino licensee to emerge from bankruptcy with a new debt and equity structure



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September 12, 1996
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