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The Art of Joseph Palermo

Joseph Palermo's paintings evidence a special aesthetic intelligence. His canvasses and constructivist works possess tremendous movement, visual activity, form and color. He has the unique ability to blend a sense of childlike freedom with the strong use of geometric form. This juxtaposition creates Palermo's fresh and exciting style. He is both painter and poet, as demonstrated through his powerful wall sculptures and paintings. His approach is vibrant and versatile.

Palermo's aesthetics derive in part from his memorable meeting in Mallorca Spain with, and some studies under, the Catalan-Spanish Master Joan Miró. Extensive world travel combined with the influence of old-world Spain in particular (where Palermo maintains a residence) have given him the depth and opportunity for creativity that all serious artists need for their growth. He was one of the few American artists invited to display work at the Museo Español De Arte Contemporeneo Madrid. Palermo has the unique opportunity to be driven by two different worlds, the old and the new. His visions are masterful due to these influences and experiences.


»Ecole Des Beaux Arts, Paris France
»University of Madrid Spain
»University of Maryland


»Museo De Arte Contemporaneo, Barcelona, Spain
»Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC
»United States Air Force Museum, Columbus, Ohio

Bank of America
Trans World Airlines
Sumter County Historical Society
Ameribank, Madrid
Italian Embassy, Washington D.C.
Alcoa Aluminum
Xerox Corporation NYC
Price Water House
Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Banco Hispano Americano, Madrid

The Horn Player/Joseph Palermo

"The Horn Player"

©Palermo 1995 All rights reserved
The Jazz Players/Joseph Palermo

"The Jazz Players"

©Palermo 1986 All rights reserved
Lady at the Casino/Joseph Palermo

"Lady At The Casino"

©Palermo 1994 All rights reserved

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