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Charles G. Sites

Life today is both complicated and stressful. In my search for sanity, I have chosen to create images and places that are soothing, inviting, and calm.

By using subtle movement of color, like the gentle multi-colored swaying of seaweed in water, the observer is invited to visit these quiet places and stay for a while.

Your eyes wash over these organic images as if they were an oasis in the desert. The weary traveler, refreshed, is now better able to journey through the complexities of today.


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Transferring form and color into nudes has been exciting. The whimsy and beauty of the female nude body is stylized as only I can see it. Splashing with color and maybe a bit-of-tongue in check creates provocative images that are sensual and innocent at the same time. Inquisitive, contemplative, or playful, the women invite you to enjoy their world knowing that you can only glimpse a tiny part of who they are.

"Showgirl in Repose I"

©Sites 1996 All right reserved

"Showgirl in Repose II"

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"Showgirl in Repose III"

©Sites 1995 All rights reserved

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March 17, 1997